“…the band will soon experience a meteoric rise in the music world.” – Huffington Post

Los Angeles-based Paper Pilots, fronted by Justin Bocchieri, have been racking up features including World Cafe: Next Artist, ALT987: Artist in Residence, and many more with their signature “California Britpop” sound. Radio continues to be one of their strongest supporters, with the band receiving nationwide play across AAA, College and Specialty stations such as WXPN, KCRW and KROQ Locals Only. They’ve been featured on playlists such as Spotify: Fresh Finds, BMI: Music Monday and Buzzbands.LA: Favorite 101 of 2016 as well as having had music licensed by networks including HBO and ABC. They’re music video for “The Weather”, directed by Emmy-winning Joel Knoernschild, has been added at FuseTV and H20 Television among others. Notable performances include recent support dates with bands such as OKGO and The Big Pink. World Cafe said “…there’s no denying that the hooks in [their] singles make them sound like hits”, and new single “Playing Games” delivers further on that statement.

All inquires to: paperpilotsmail@gmail.com

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